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There are those who love it and those who hate it. I’m talking about 432 Park Avenue, the highest skyscraper in New York that stands like a chimney above Central Park.
At a height of 425 metres, it is the highest skyscraper in the Big Apple, exceeding the new World Trade Centre by 8,5 metres. A 96 floor upright column with a concrete grid façade inspired (allegedly) by Josef Hoffmann’s 1905 Wastepaper basket.

The skyscraper, designed by the Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly ,is intended exclusively for residential use and for those who can afford it the view will undoubtedly be breathtaking.

Each floor is designed to surprise, right up to the last one which offers a 360° of the entire Big Apple, from the Hudson River to the East River, from the Bronx to Brooklyn, from Central Park to the Atlantic Ocean.
From outside the effect is definitely something else. It might be the location, completely isolated from the other high rise downtown buildings, or it might be the shape. Whatever the reason, the fact is that not everyone appreciates this rectangle standing out in the New York sky.

Either way, the situation won’t last for long, in fact, in the next few years a large number of lofty new skyscrapers will be built in the 432 Park Avenue area, radically changing New York’s skyline.

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