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The David Marc brand stems from the artistic vision of two very
different personalities: David Di Porto – a lover of Zen philosophy and karate, attentive to every detail and subtle nuance – and Marco Efrati, designer of the collection that represented fashion when stylists had names like Versace, Armani and Valentino and from which period he maintains pride in “Made in Italy” and its creative and quality content. Everything started with the discovery of some vintage frames in the cupboard of Marco’s father’s optical store. Driven by a sense of admiration for these original glasses made with traditional materials, the two decided to revisit them and give new shapes to
plastics and metals. Collection after collection, the brand gives expression to glasses balanced between past and present which sit in the eyewear panoram a as storytellers presenting the different personalities of those who choose to wear them. A genuine luxury experience.

Paola Ferrario

Paola Ferrario

Desperate mother di una biondina e di un ricciolino, schizzo da una parte all'altra di Milano in sella alla mia super bicicletta. Quando scendo scrivo, nuoto, leggo, viaggio, porto a spasso la mia cagnolona, coccolo il mio gatto e nutro la mia tartaruga (che poi è un maschio). Ho due sogni nel cassetto: intervistare Isabel Allende e scrivere un libro. Prima o poi li realizzerò, nel frattempo faccio la giornalista e la blogger.

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