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The 31st December 2015 is the last date for applications to take part in the Next Design Innovation competition, a project sponsored by the Lombardy Region in collaboration with the Design Department of the Milan Polytechnic and implemented by Polifactory, its makerspace. The competition is open to individuals or groups of young designers and innovators who are under 35 and either Italian or foreign and who want to see their design developed and placed in its potential market.
15 proposals will be selected according to the following categories: new household tools and appliances; interactive furniture and lighting; wearable and fashion; new tools and devices for smart cities; smart vehicles for smart mobility. The proposals presented can explore one or more of the above categories, with particular attention being paid to the relationship between design and emerging technologies.
Each idea should be designed bearing potential mass-production and sales in mind. As well as filling in the forms (downloadable at:, applications should be sent to:, by and no later than 31/12/2015. For further information visit the site or write to


Cristina Bigliatti

Cristina Bigliatti

«Sono una persona profondamente superficiale» e «seguo sempre la cosa più facile, perché se è la più facile, allora è anche la migliore». Scrivo d'Arte contemporanea. Dici di non saperne nulla? «Non ti preoccupare, non c'è niente che riguarda l'arte che uno non possa capire». (Andy Warhol)

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