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Boffetto Sartoria Materica has selected a series of partner companies, with some high quality products and maximum aesthetic performance.
Among these products stand out Coverlam slabs from Grespania and Xstone porcelain stoneware from Porcelanosa.

Coverlam, with thicknesses of 10 and 12 mm, guarantees a wide range of colours and material effects, which can be combined to measure in different design solutions. Bathroom tops are one of these possibilities, with countertop or integrated washbasins. The latest generation Xstone porcelain stoneware, thanks to its resistance and antibacterial characteristics, offers multiple possible combinations for contemporary architecture, creating a subtle emotional thread with the rest of the home environment.

Customization and different colour combinations make the porcelain stoneware proposal extremely interesting and topical in the world of living and kitchens for the creation of furnishings and decorative walls. Creating environments of great personality and with strong emotions is now possible thanks to this type of new products.

Boffetto Sartoria Materica enriches the Magnifica by Maurizio Favetta collection with the new Nero royal, a new generation solid surface with black and crystalline mineral pigmentation and with Concrete Smoothed porcelain stoneware. Two new finishes to make the choice of furnishing elements more and more customizable, always guaranteeing high aesthetic performance materials and excellent technical performance, for a long-lasting and prestigious choice. Elegance and functionality integrate in the Magnifica collection, creating environments of extreme delicacy and atmosphere.

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