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Snob Milano revisits the dogmas and silhouettes of one of the most glamorous decades: the Sixties.

The beating heart of eyewear that wants to stand out the most is represented by those glasses in which design and research come face to face with the avant-garde. Among the most interesting players in this scenario is Snob Milano which since Spring 2015 has been making some interesting waves in the world of eyewear. Behind the brand is the expertise of an all-Italian company known and appreciated in the sector – Franco Sordelli – with designs by Tommaso Bossetti.

The starting point of this adventure were prescription glasses combined with a flat magnetic sunglass clip-on created in partnership with Zeiss, the well-known German lens manufacturer.

After a first phase dominated by minimalism, the brand has now entered its “boldness” phase in which it revisits the Sixties in a modern key. Icons such as Marcello Mastroianni, Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn are the source of stylistic inspiration, dreaming of a return to their examples of elegance and good taste.

The collection chooses large shapes and sinuous profiles that are characterized by a surprising lightness and a fascinating tactile sensation.

Snob Milano’s journey has just begun and seems unstoppable.

Paola Ferrario

Paola Ferrario

Desperate mother di una biondina e di un ricciolino, schizzo da una parte all'altra di Milano in sella alla mia super bicicletta. Quando scendo scrivo, nuoto, leggo, viaggio, porto a spasso la mia cagnolona, coccolo il mio gatto e nutro la mia tartaruga (che poi è un maschio). Ho due sogni nel cassetto: intervistare Isabel Allende e scrivere un libro. Prima o poi li realizzerò, nel frattempo faccio la giornalista e la blogger.

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