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An app to help create perfect eyeglasses.

Every season, fashion proposes different models and consumers make their choice on the basis of various factors: some go by the shape of the face, others focus on the hairstyle, and others follow fashion trends… Our practical advice is always to try them on, because there is no better way to understand whether they are the right shape or not. However, not all models are available in opticians’ shops.

As of today, however, it is possible to choose from an almost unlimited number of shapes and colours, simply using virtual reality! How? Thanks to V.E.A. by Thema Optical – software already in use at the GreenVision consortium’s points of sale – which uses an App (available on the App Store and downloadable on Apple devices with 3D cameras) to create a perfect simulation, displaying all the possible combinations on the screen, allowing you to choose the model best suited to your face. Last but not least, it also allows you to create a biometric version of your glasses; that is, totally customized and made to measure. With the App, choosing new eyewear will be an operation you can perform anywhere, choosing the ideal model, the front panel and the temples in whatever shape and colour you wish. All in your own time.


How the App works

It starts by scanning your face, then you can begin to try on glasses virtually. Choosing becomes very easy: you have an immediate perception of the impact of the model, shades and combinations, to which you can also add customized touches such as names, initials or symbols. When the order is confirmed, a QR code is generated. Then you go to the nearest GreenVision store where they will use the code to complete your order. Within a few days, your glasses will be available at the store.


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