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Since 1949, Caimi Brevetti has been the heart of a great corporate history, consisting of concepts and designs but especially people. This history is documented in a book, published by Skira, in which the company and its designers describe their nearly 70 years of industrial design.

Behind every Caimi product there is the human component, the people who design and make it and, more importantly, the people who decide to purchase it. This is where it all starts. This is one of the mainstays of the Caimi Brevetti philosophy, established by the founder Renato Caimi and shared by his four children. That philosophy inspired the conversation that framed the entire narrative by Aldo Colonetti.

Being design means more than just creating design. Being design means putting the person and the concept of research squarely at its core.


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In this virtuous circle of people and human relationships, the role of the designers and their relationship with the company is pivotal.

The photographs taken by Raoul Iacometti are paired with the story told by this choral book, in which the images represent the central theme of the story, clearly and accurately documenting the entire design path: from the idea to its accomplishment, highlighting in every image the person beside every machine, every press, every coating system, and every foundry crucible.

This is precisely how “Being Design” aims to communicate throughout its 208 pages: a corporate philosophy that highlights the identity and general recognizabilty of Caimi Brevetti and, at the same time, the identity of each designer involved.

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