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Starting from the 50s, the evolution of jewelry design flourishes: precious stones are put aside, while a new pure design starts ruling. So, instead of gold, silver and platinum, the true beauty comes from the crafting and the refined shapes.

Jewels, then, become sculptures, created for the only pleasure of the wearer.

Fragile, a project by Paolo Brera, opens a new exhibition in Milan where you can see a rich selection of necklaces, rings and bracelets by the most famous architects and designers of the XX century. From Andrea Branzi to Riccardo Dalisi; from Anna Gili to Enzo Mari, and last but not least, Arnaldo Pomodoro.

Genius, then, becomes project, the project so evolves and, at the end, what is left is true beauty.


DESIGNATI ALLA BELLEZZA, via San Damiano 2, Milano, untilo the 15th of December 2015


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Giulia De Martin

Giulia De Martin

Fashion journalist, design addicted, architecture discoverer, beauty lover. I am passionate about all those things that make life worth living and, as Coco said, "the best are free, the second best are the most expensive".

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