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At Ncontemporary Gallery in Knightsbridge, London, a double solo-show is dedicated to Gregory Hayes (b. 1980, US) and Nadir Valente (b. 1982, Italy), two young artists at their first exhibition in a London gallery.

Despite the use of very different techniques, both artists have always been interested in the topic of repetition in art, being the repetition of the gesture as in the practice of the American Hayes or the repetition of the images as for Valente.

The main piece at the Ncontemporary show is “Untitled”, a site specific installation created by Nadir Valente. The artist has flooded an important part of the gallery with a moving paper river in which a single image of the Thames is repeated with the support of a simple black and white photocopy machine. In his simplicity, the work continues the artist’s research within the topic of the existing infinite possibilities for reproduction in contemporary art. Nadir Valente has long decided to use for the creation of his works the black and white photocopy machine, a tool at the same time modern and obsolete.

Nadir Valente, Untitled, variable dimensions, 2016

Nadir Valente, Untitled, installation view

Gregory Hayes, on the other hand, exhibits at Ncontemporary a selection of works from some of his most famous series: “Mergences”, “Color Arrays” and “Primary Arrays”. Since 2008 the artist has experimented and researched a technique in which the mechanical repetition of the artist’s gesture could give life to abstract compositions. His canvases are first prepared with rigid geometric grids on which the artist then works in an impossible search for perfection both in the composition and chromatic aspects.

Schermata 2016-03-08 alle 19.47.54

Schermata 2016-03-08 alle 19.47.47

The show can be visited by appointment only until the 8th of April at Ncontemporary’s Project Space in Gate Mews, Sw7, London.



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