Defined identities

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It’s all about Craftsmanship, Design and Fashion.

BOLON Eyewear was established with a purposeful intent: to embrace and celebrate the essence of self-expression.

At the forefront of fashion, design and craftsmanship, the tastemakers of the brand are focused on the importance of defining identity through recognizing one’s spirit, attitude and true character.

BOLON Eyewear draws inspiration from the trends of today. The brand is dedicated to constantly challenge and lead the ever changing trends, producing the widest and finest array of products to cater to all identities.

An amalgamation of skilled artistry and cutting edge technology, each frame undergoes a rigorous process to ensure that only the unique and exclusive are created. 

Using a wide range of first grade materials sourced from Italy and Switzerland such as Premium Acetate-Resin and Memory Resin TR90, the veteran crafters of BOLON Eyewear create pieces that assure lightweightness and resistance.

A signature style of the brand.

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