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Natuzzi Italia returns to Miami during Design Week with a custom made project created by architect and designer Fabio Novembre. November has revolutionized the flagship store with a new layout focused on the dialogue between the iconic Natuzzi Re-vive recliner and the Intro installation, created by the designer on the occasion of the twenty-first Milan Triennale for the exhibition Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare.
The work which can be seen in the Natuzzi store from
1st to 7th December features an ovoid shaped alcove that warmly envelopes the visitor. It symbolizes an ideal uterus where you are greeted by the voice of the actor Willem Defoe reading some of the most significant passages from the book Il design spiegato a mia madre by Fabio Novembre and the film 8 1/2 by Federico Fellini.

Photo credit Andrea Martiradonna
Photo credit Andrea Martiradonna

Intro is a complex interlocking of materials entirely assembled by hand, a process which called for the skills of some of Natuzzi’s talented craftsmen as they were required to cover the walls of the installation in leather so that they evoke the anthropomorphic forms which are one of the hallmarks of Fabio Novembre’s work. The result is an intimate and sensuous alcove that conceptually represents the head of the designer and into which the observers enter. Two symmetrical female figures bisected with horizontal discs act as vestal virgins at the entrance to the installation.
Are you going to be in Miami during Design Week? Do not miss the opportunity to get inside the head of Fabio Novembre.

L'introduzione nella mente del designer

Cristina Bigliatti

Cristina Bigliatti

«Sono una persona profondamente superficiale» e «seguo sempre la cosa più facile, perché se è la più facile, allora è anche la migliore». Scrivo d'Arte contemporanea. Dici di non saperne nulla? «Non ti preoccupare, non c'è niente che riguarda l'arte che uno non possa capire». (Andy Warhol)

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