Is China the centre of the world (of design)?

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Businesses, institutions, national organizations, universities and design institutes from more than 26 countries gathered in Liangzhu (China) for the 2016 World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC). The WIDC is an international event which aims to develop and promote the culture of design worldwide, serving as a communication and cooperation platform for all those people and institutions working in the field of industrial design. In addition to representatives of the China Industrial Design Association (CIDA), there were also speeches by delegates of several international design organizations, institutions and universities.
The most widely discussed theme was that of collaboration between countries and Prof. Ying Fangtian, vice president of CIDA, opened the debate by asking how we can reach mutual cooperation and understanding (between China and the rest of the world ed.).  How can we promote international dialogue?

È la Cina l'ombelico del mondo (del design)?

David Grossman, President of the International Council of Design stated we as the representatives of the different international design organizations are aware of the fact that every country is forced to face different problems compared to others and to do it in different ways; our duty is to work in order to grow together and to change the way governments deal with social problems. Along with all the different communities and governments, we need to address and resolve these problems through international dialogue and by means of a vision-oriented design. What happens in China affects the whole world. Our task is to face up to it, understand it, implement the Chinese economy in such a way that  China will help us to implement our own”.
Birgit Mager,  President of Service Design Network continued: we do not produce design for products, but rather to create value, a value to be exploited by a complex social service system. We need to distribute publications,  to collaborate with universities and spread the word internationally if we are to improve partnerships between countries.

With this common goal and guided by principles of communication, cooperation and mutual benefit, the international organizations concluded the conference by signing the Cooperation Memorandum.
Is this the right moment to  seriously consider the expression “United we stand”?

È la Cina l'ombelico del mondo (del design)?

Cristina Bigliatti

Cristina Bigliatti

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