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Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere midway between the land and the sea which sits in complete freedom on the edge of the city of Miami? Your dream (maybe) is about to become true: Eighty Seven Park is a project developed in partnership with the master architect and Pritzker Award for Architecture winner Renzo Piano. Set on Miami Beach, its 70 apartments built on a rejuvenated park seem to defy gravity. Here you can live immersed in nature, yet this waterfront oasis which boasts excellent connections to South Beach and Bal Harbor offers all the benefits of living in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. The building maintains a radiant presence in the neighbourhood: the east / west exposure and the overhanging balconies outline an intangible new profile on the Miami Beach skyline.

Eighty Seven Park 2

Nature is woven into the very structure of the building. In each generously furnished apartment, oak veining, natural stone trim and the translucency of the glazing combine interior and exterior spaces in a delightful fusion. In the residents’ gardens, the ocean, the park and the city come together to create an urban Eden. In the hall, which houses the bar and the lounge, the senses are soothed and satisfied by contemporary furnishings and local flora. Outside, the sparkling blue tones of the pool and ocean leave the observer dazzled. There is space to breathe, the opportunity to think and time just to be, on the golden sand of Miami.
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Cristina Bigliatti

Cristina Bigliatti

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