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The essential slashes in Lucio Fontana’s canvases are expressed in the O-Six Spatialism collection, bringing eyewear into a three-dimensional universe.

In the splendid Cadore valley in the heart of the Dolomites, where in 1873 the first glasses factory was founded and where industry and nature coexist in a harmonious balance, the passion of engineer Giorgio Valmassoi led to the creation in 1993 of Thema Optical. Over the years this company has distinguished itself for quality and style as well as research and innovation, patenting revolutionary processes for this particular market sector.

This passion for technology runs side by side with a similar passion for art which result in an almost symbiotic harmony in the O-Six Art Made collection. Created in 1989 and drawing inspiration from the ideas and thoughts of the designer Alain Mikli, the new line entitled O-Six Spatialism refers to Lucio Fontana, leading exponent and founder of the “Spatialism” movement. The inspiration comes directly from the slashes found in his paintings, made with the intention of going beyond the classic concept of art to bring the idea of three-dimensionality to the canvas itself. The new frames in fact manage to break the monotony of two-dimensionality through an interplay of holes, able to create unexpected and unusual textures where both artificial and natural light penetrate and create unusual and changing optical movements that modify and renew themselves at every moment of the day.

The union between art and innovation is well expressed in the use of revolutionary 3D acetate technology which combines an innovative production process with methods inspired by the world of art along with special attention to the environment through reducing the waste of raw material and avoiding the use of glues and solvents that are harmful to it. The result is a perfect synergy between frame and lens and a new combination of art and technology.

Paola Ferrario

Paola Ferrario

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