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12 July 2017
The Autumn program for the artistic events at the Milan Triennial has now been presented.
These cover a wide variety of disciplines ranging from theatre to design, from fashion exhibitions, contemporary art and architecture to photography and from concerts to festivals. The Milan Triennial’s new exhibitions will be under the artistic direction of Alberto Ferlenga, curator of the Architecture and Territory Sector, Edward Bonaspetti, curator of the Visual Arts Sector and the artistic direction of Eleonora Fiorani for the Fashion Sector.

Ph. Giuseppe Varchetta
Ph. Giuseppe Varchetta

The program opens with a one-man exhibition to mark the centenary of his birth of the most beloved of Italian designers. ‘Ettore Sottsass. There is a planet’ will be visible at the Galleria della Architettura from 15 th September 2017 to 11 th March 2018 and will be curated by Barbara Radice under the direction of Silvana Annicchiarico and with a layout designed by Michele De Lucchi and Christoph Radl.

After enjoying great success at MoMA in the Spring of 2017, Nan Goldin arrives in Italy for the first time at the Milan Triennial with The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. This exhibition of work by the famous photographer is curated by François Hébeled and is open from 19 th September to 26 th November 2017.

L'autunno in Triennale

Mollette da bucato è la mostra che il suo curatore Giulio Iacchetti dedica a questo modesto oggetto del quotidiano, declinato in molteplici variazioni formali, materiche, funzionali. Visibile dal 12 ottobre al 12 novembre 2017.
Per quanto riguarda il settore Moda, per la prima volta in Italia viene dedicata una mostra a Rick Owens, uno fra i più visionari fashion designer dei nostri giorni. Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman sarà aperta al pubblico dal 15 dicembre 2017 al 25 marzo 2018.
Black Light di Michel Comte, a cura di Jens Remes, è un’installazione che ha come focus il riscaldamento globale: dal 27 novembre 2017 al 2 gennaio 2018 mostrerà la potenza del museo del futuro.

The Bel Paese exhibition – open to the public from 27 th September to 26 th November 2017
and curated by Benno Albrecht and Anna Magrin – is dedicated to Italy and its historic centres which are examined from an architectural viewpoint.

An exhibition dedicated to Grazia Varisco will be held from 6 th October to 12 th November 2017. Co-founder of the Gruppo T in Milan in the early 1960s she was an avant-gardist in terms of artistic research in the field of programmed kinetics and this event presents a selection of wall-mounted "communicating pictures" and an environmental installation.

L'autunno in Triennale

Clothes pegs is the title of the exhibition that the curator Giulio Iacchetti has dedicated to this modest everyday item, expressed here in a number of formal, functional, and material versions. Open from 12 th October to 12 th November 2017.

In terms of the Fashion sector, for the first time in Italy an exhibition is dedicated to Rick Owens, one of the most visionary fashion designers of our day. Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman will be open to the public from 15 th December 2017 to March 25 th 2018.

Black Light by Michel Comte and curated by Jens Remes, is an installation that focuses on global warming: from November 27 th 2017 to January 2 nd 2018 it will showcase the power of the museum of the future.

999 Una collezione di domande sull’abitare contemporaneo is an architecture exhibition that focuses on the transformation of our living habits: how we live in private, how we live in the city, the territory and physical and symbolic spaces in the contemporary world. The exhibition curated by Stefano Mirti is on from 13 th January to 2 nd April 2018.

With 32 shows, 10 productions, 15 companies and artists representing 11 countries from all corners of the world, the 2017/2018 season of the Triennale Teatro dell'Arte continues along the same lines as the first part of the year to offer a real Unicum as part of the city's landscape. El Conde de Torrefiel, Lotto van den Berg, Deflorian / Tagliarini, Milo Rau, Richard Maxwell, Gob Squad and Alessandro Sciarroni are just some of the extraordinary stars summoned to Milan for this first part of the season by the new curator Umberto Angelini.

So there is a short version of the extensive program that the Milan Triennial is offering in order to liven up next autumn in Milan.

For more information go to the site.

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