Lindsey Adelman and “The Nature of Motion” : a quivering tree-shaped light installation for Nike

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During the exhibition “The Nature of Motion” at Salone 2016 in Milan, the New York designer Lindsey Adelman collaborated with Nike to build an outstanding quiver tree-shaped light installation. Two lamps were conceived as main character of the show: a single hanging lamp and a more articulated tree-shaped chandelier of branching lights.

To make Adelman’s contribution stand out was her own interpretation of the natural movement, perceived with a philosophic and poetic attitude.

Focusing on the centrality of the subtle vibrations that allow plants to grow, transform and evolve, the designer managed to create a light installation of brilliant branches that swing sinuously. Her secret lies on the range of materials she chose: simple and light as brass and nickel, nonetheless the presence of sensors at the very top of every lamp.

The result? A bright recall to the stages of natural life.

In case you missed it, you can find it online on:


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