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Logica Celata is the latest development of ingenious research made by the founder and designer of Valcucine, Gabriele Centazzo, that makes over space and reinvents ergonomics, planning new ways of using the kitchen.

Constructed in a single block, from the outside it looks like a very impressive, minimalist volume with pure lines. But don’t be deceived: its monolithic appearance conceals a technological heart and a special soul. A simple touch is all it takes for Logica Celata to unleash all its innovative power, offering onlookers a wonderful, unexpected experience.

logica_celata_04_BARAn advanced, counterweight balancing mechanism moves the door gently upwards to reveal all the kitchen’s equipment and the whole work area: a large, fully-customisable space. Everything then disappears, perfectly concealed behind the door that reminds one, in its movements, of an ancient sallet (“celata“, in Italian), the medieval helmet that completely covered the head of its wearer. 

Some of the possible scenarios include a kitchen, a bar, a food preparation area and a large cupboard. Each of these is provided with accessories, ideas and functions designed for its specific needs. In these configurations everything is visible and at hand, ready to be used as efficiently as possible.

Great attention has been paid to detail, like the light panel designed to convey a feeling of total freedom. The door shuts effortlessly and noiselessly, flush with the base units below.

Once shut, Logica Celata becomes a very awesome, elegant piece of furniture, thanks to the gloss glass finish that enhances the pureness of the unit. A piece of architecture, a perfect balance between form and function.

Daniela Garbillo

Daniela Garbillo

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