Mater Familias, the collection of Calia Italia that pays homage to the Sassi of Matera

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In the year that sees Matera as European Capital of Culture, Calia Italia – the oldest established company within the Upholstery Furniture District in Basilicata – goes back to the roots of Matera addressing the theme of the shame of its residents once living in the Sassi to give it a new life by turning it into a passionate sense of belonging.

The Mater Familias Collection has been created as part of the European project The Architecture of Shame. The project is included in the program of activities of Matera European Capital of Culture. The collection started from the design of the psychoanalyst’s couch where designers and citizens are asked to analyze the typical elements that characterize the artchitecture of shame, in order to identify the strenghts on which to build in order to regenerate urban peripheries.

The Day Bed takes inspiration from Matera’s rocks and its distinctive signs have been extracxted from the culture of dignified and proud peolple. The perimeter stitching recalls that of flour bags, the multilayered seat symbolizes the history of millennia-old Matera’s rocks, the bracket-shaped foot references the hand-carved tool used by women to stretch the rope to spread out freshly laundered linen, the copper shade of the feet recalls the furnace of the kitchens. Red, yellow, brick red and reddish purple symbolize the burning flame similar to the passion with which the peolple of Matera face the challenges of life.

The Day Bed originated the Mater Familias, Venere and Art Nouveau sofas.


Mater Familias


Venere is a model in which a marked Italian style is highlighted by the presence of single seat cushions instead of multilayered ones.



Art Nouveau is the capitonnè version of the collection.


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