Neolith® wins the Plus X Award

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La Bohème by Neolith® has won the prestigious Plus X Award for “best product” for the second year in a row. Now in its 14th edition, the Plus X Award is the most important award in the fields of technology, sports and lifestyle. La Bohème, part of the Neolith Timber Collection won the award for its innovation, high quality and the impressive realism of its wood-effect motifs. Inspired by Lebanon cedar, it is characterized by knots and veins that emulate the appearance and texture of natural wood.
Neolith is a 100% natural product made from of raw materials such as clay, feldspar, silica and natural mineral oxides. Each sheet is created using Neolith’s patented Neolith Digital Design (NDD) technology and is subjected to a decoration process that gives the surface its 3D appearance.
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Neolith vince il Plus X Award

Cristina Bigliatti

Cristina Bigliatti

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