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Launched the first time in 1986, The POP collection by Swatch comes back on screen. To inspire the revival are the creativity and the individualism of 21st century young generations who love to dare change, modify and play to create unique and inimitable styles.

The outcomes take the shape of 9 watches meant to be dissembled: they can be popped on a strap, hung around the neck or clipped on a Tee. Each model is defined by a distinctive design and its own graphics, from the B&W minimalists to the extravagant ones with multi-coloured strap. The key word is originality.

Available online:

POP Swatch 1 POP Swatch 2 POP Swatch 3

Valentina Mariani

Valentina Mariani

London based freelance journalist. Fashion addicted, design passionate and art lover. Her favorite quote is “Everything you can imagine is real.” (Pablo Picasso)

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