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After nearly three years of production, Scallop finally joined the line of ultramodern watches by Projects. Behind the minimalistic design there is the genius vein of postmodernist architect Micheal Graves, member of the New York Five – the group of the five New York architects whom were the first to ever exhibit at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Arts).
With its 40mm of diameter, the Scallop watch owns its name to the scallop effect adopted by the US artist for the dial’s edges. The astonishing factor, though, lies in the pattern of curved symmetrical lines on the face of the watch, engraved using the guilloche tecnique. It is a delicate process that consists in laying a fine film of the waving pattern over the dial of the watch. An acid wash is then painted over the voided areas, to melt the leftover material to gain 0.1 etched motif.

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