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With the approach of Christmas, our houses are also tinged with the colours of the festive season. For this occasion Misha proposes a collection of wall coverings in pure silk painted and embroidered by hand, or even in its plain version, inspired by the theme of red.
Misha stands for two distant cities: Milan and Shanghai. It is a bridge between figurative cultures that coexist in the vision of Chiara Enrico, an architect who, with the collaboration of her sister Anna, brings to contemporary interior wallcovering the passion and knowledge of the ancient oriental technique of painting and hand embroidery on fabric wallpaper. Misha knows how to combine Italian know-how and taste with the excellence and charm of 18th century craftsmanship.

Red is a stimulating colour that expresses impetus, speed, power, joy and passion. Choosing red walls increases confidence in one’s own strength and increases energy. Red certainly reminds us of a festive and Christmas atmosphere, but it can personalise the rooms of our house all year round. However, the combinations should be studied carefully, as it is a strong and stimulating colour, not suitable for small or less light-exposed spaces. Instead, it is ideal for single walls in contrast with a minimal and rational environment.
In this sense, Misha also creates customised interventions by offering interior design consultancy for the customisation of spaces.
In addition to the hand-painted decorations on silk shown above and belonging to the China Classic and Asia collections, Misha also offers a series of variations of “Plains” in all shades.
For more information, please visit www.mishawallcoverings.com.

Cristina Bigliatti

Cristina Bigliatti

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