Saltz Restaurant: a restaurant in Zurich by Rolf Sachs

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The Saltz Restaurant is located on the lower floor of the historic Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich, and opened its doors last week and is the result of the ability of the Swiss designer Rolf Sachs.

Sachs has divided the space into different areas and levels, taking inspiration by the landscape and traditions of Switzerland.
A raised area of the restaurant was completely painted red, the dominant color of the Swiss flag and a jagged neon was hanging on the wall so as to remember the profile of the mountains of the country.

Along the other main wall of transparent glass panels supporting salt blocks on which Incusa the word “Das Salz in der Suppe” a phrase similar to our “icing on the cake.” In this area the decor is the same on the opposite side but no longer in the red but shades of gray. The oak floor continues up on the ground floor where a row of blue sofa vibe fronting a row of colored zinc chairs.

At the center of the space, a large piece of stone from the nearby Passo dello Julier is supported by a series of red climbing ropes and carabiners who want to remember the activities that take place in the open air in Switzerland.

At the entrance a series of watches from various railways of Switzerland mark all the same hour.

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