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Forerunner of the frames with a single flat lens, Snob Milano is halfway between mainstream and high-end brands.

The Snob Milano eyewear project was created about three years ago out of the vision of designer Tommaso Bossetti – at the time part of the Gubo design studio team – and the productive expertise of Franco Sordelli, a well-established company in the Varese area. The basic idea was to overturn the monothematic canons of eyewear. And what better way than starting with a haughty name like Snob Milano? “It’s pretentious, arrogant, overbearing… but easy, short and international! The key was to make it self-deprecating. We all agreed that it could represent added value rather than a deterrent, immediately outlining a clear communication strategy“ said Bossetti. “The word Milan has equal weight in the communication of the brand, referring to that Milanese high society, that snobby Milan that although unpleasant has often been a winning recipe for Italian comedy”.

The brand has become a forerunner of a trend that has created its own circle of followers (and serial copying): the lens-mask that rests on the frame of the glasses. And it is precisely because of the lens that the exclusive partnership was developed with Zeiss – the famous German lens manufacturer – thanks to which the first prescription models with magnetic clip-ons were developed.
The direction that Snob Milano is taking is clear: the creation of glasses that are not for the mainstream but with a strong personality and distinguished by pure Made in Italy for a relatively mature public from 30 to 45 years old.


Paola Ferrario

Paola Ferrario

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