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STUDI FESTIVAL is a wonderful 5 day event that allows artists living and working in Milan to open the doors of their studios and invite other artists in. This is STUDI FESTIVAL’s second year and from Tuesday 15th to Saturday 19th March 2016, all the participating artists’ studios will be open to the public, other artists and the rest of the city, thus creating an event that combines experiences, disciplines and different generations to produce a unique and stimulating atmosphere dedicated to both art-lovers and the public in general.
Each of the open spaces will show not only the result of the inhabitant’s work, but will also be filled with shared content featuring works by other artists and activities of all kinds: exhibitions, performances, happenings and meetings – all these will come alive inside.
Each studio thus becomes the home to real site-specific projects and helps create a circular exchange of energy and creativity able to enrich the contemporary Milanese art scene. STUDI FESTIVAL intends to create a dialogue between the artists and the city through the discovery of unexpected and otherwise invisible places, thus drawing up a new map of creativity. The studios and areas participating in STUDI FESTIVAL # 2 will be open every day of the event from 14.00 to 17.30. For further information visit

studi festival #2

Cristina Bigliatti

Cristina Bigliatti

«Sono una persona profondamente superficiale» e «seguo sempre la cosa più facile, perché se è la più facile, allora è anche la migliore». Scrivo d'Arte contemporanea. Dici di non saperne nulla? «Non ti preoccupare, non c'è niente che riguarda l'arte che uno non possa capire». (Andy Warhol)

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