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Tastami is a “Design Meets Sicily” project collection made by Salvatore Spataro: 9 chocolates that tell the Sicilian craftsmanship tradition, a design food project able to reclaim the culture and the sense of an ancient taste.

The name evokes the dialect verb tastare, assaggiare, that is really similar to the English verb “to taste” and is a tribute to the great craftsmanship vocation in Sicily. For years, the traditional craftsmanship has been one of the most important economic areas of the island and the typical products are the custodians of the cultural and historical heritage of this region.

It is a Modican chocolate, one of the excellent Sicilian confectionery symbol. This is a rough ground chocolate with typical veins due to his particular cold working.

Tastami (14)Each piece of chocolate (bars) represent an item. Maidda: Rural Sicilian traditional tool used in the past to mix the flour. Cavagna: Small rod container used to carry the ricotta. Càntaro: cylindrical ceramic chamber pot and flared lip. Cafiso: unit of measurement used to measure the amount of olive oil. Nassa: fish trap used for fishing. It may also be applied for catching molluscs and crustaceans. The entire piece is woven from the wicker material. Truppietto: small wooden spinning top used to play in the past in Sicily. Cannistro: reed basket and “agliastru” (wild olive) used to store different types of food. Raccogli fico: conical notched tool used to pick figs. Bummulu: terracotta jar used to keep water cold.
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