The COMBINED by AirDP: pop-inspired creativity

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Bringing together two different materials and two types of contrasting processes to create highly innovative glasses with a lot of character, unique and impossible to replicate.
A challenge successfully met.

We have now introduced Combined by AirDP, an eloquent collection that brings together Ultem, a light and highly
resistant polymer, with medical-grade steel. There are 12 models in 5 colours.

Round is the main shape used, inspiring the creative imagination, perfect circles upon which to build surprising geometric inspirations: hearts, half moons, and octagons.
Graphic elements inside the perimeter, inspired by the many meanings of the circle. The geometric meaning for the octagon, the authentic meaning for the heart, while the half moon comes from its references to space. The rectangle is referenced only once: in the squaring off of the circle!

Overlapping materials, elements that fit together perfectly: high technology that leads to a smart, pop-inspired result, that is never heavy, in line with AirDP Style’s mantra: Lightness of touch.

The bridge becomes an aesthetic accent: a decorative element that is doubled and tripled.

Combined By AirDP: a surprising look at the world of sunglasses.

AirDP Combined esa

Annalisa Guerisoli

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    Aung Author

    Hello I love above sunglass and do I ordered ?

    • Paola Ferrario
      Paola Ferrario Author

      Which country are you from?

      • Paola Ferrario
        Paola Ferrario Author

        Italy, Milan

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