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Inside Valerie Traan Gallery, a new project  recently took place, with an exhibition that aims to give new life to some of the most important tools in human history: the cutlery with a modern twist both in their form and in function.
Among the many artists who have joined the project there are also David Bernstein, Octave Vandeweghe, Maarten Baas, Unfold, Koichi Futatsumata, Studio Wieki Somers and Muller Van Severen each of which has interpreted the theme according to a very personal point of view that has led to a range of completely different results from each other. And ‘so that within the exhibition entitled ‘To Eat With’ can be observed cutlery sketchy and almost childish allure perfectly in line with the contemporary style of Maarten Baas, those made with precious gems and stones well combined to remember objects or prehistoric wonders of nature by the Belgian designer Octave Vandeweghe, together with the Koichi Futatsumata collection, inspired by the shape of his favorite pen.

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To eat with Koichi FutatsumataTo eat with Maarten Baas

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