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Xilografia – Italian company that for decades has designed and realized custom-made outfittings for events, exhibitions and showrooms – it’s one of the 20 companies that Regione Lombardia and Politecnico di Milano rewarded for the “Design Competition Expo Dubai 2020” contest.
The project was previewed at HOMI Outdoor HOME&DEHORS 2019, then it’s going to be exhibited at Dubai Expo in autumn 2020 for the final stage.
The contest, oriented at the small-medium companies of Lombardy, has intended to create and develop a design object or a temporary structure for the Dubai Expo, able to instill concepts like connection, technology and environmental sustainability. The project had to be realized in cooperation with young designers under 35 who had been studied design and architecture in Lombardy.

Elisa De Berti – selected by Dario Palumeri, the Project Manager who has taken care of the development of the work in each step – is the young Interior Designer who realized for Xilografia the project that has been awarded among the 20 winners.
Elisa has created MELTING TOP “a seating experience”, inspired by such idea: a sway seat with a diameter of 1.90 m, founded on a simple, but very innovative and well ideated concept.
A seat that achieves the perfect balance only when different people are seated on it, together, at the same time.
Connection and sharing, balance and dialogue, compromise and agreement: everything leads to human interaction. Whenever a person seats or stands up, other people are implicated in a soft disequilibrium, which is created by a continual “negotiation” of the space occupied by each person.

The seat is supported by a junction, whose movement and rotation is carefully controlled by engineering assessments; the inclination of 5°/6° and its maximum capacity of 20 tons even allow people to comfortably lay down.
The people’s movement of standing up and sitting down on the seat creates interaction, occasions of meeting and connection, but also unexpected amusing moments arisen from a temporary soft disequilibrium and from the playful shape of the seating itself, similar to a children top.

Cristina Bigliatti

Cristina Bigliatti

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