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Marma London is a story of authentic materials shaped by top-quality craftsmen.

There is a particular story behind the Marma London brand in which the most genuine Italian soul meets British style. In actual fact the idea was first mooted in the heart of the Old Continent’s most modern city by an Italian optician with long experience in the eyewear industry and a deep-seated family tradition in business.
It is a special fable in which tradition and innovation come together, in which quality seeks and finds brand-new designs, thereby giving voice to an innate passion for lightness and pure lines. Behind the scenes of its collections there are skilled craftsmen whose experience is the result of knowledge handed down from generation to generation. Thanks to their handiwork, they are able to create and finish every single product with painstaking attention paid to details.
All the glasses are carefully designed with the primary aim of providing comfort in everyday use. The choice of colours takes place following a careful study of fashion trends. The objective? The creation of exclusive glasses with hi-tech production techniques that offer style, strength and lightness.

Paola Ferrario

Paola Ferrario

Desperate mother di una biondina e di un ricciolino, schizzo da una parte all'altra di Milano in sella alla mia super bicicletta. Quando scendo scrivo, nuoto, leggo, viaggio, porto a spasso la mia cagnolona, coccolo il mio gatto e nutro la mia tartaruga (che poi è un maschio). Ho due sogni nel cassetto: intervistare Isabel Allende e scrivere un libro. Prima o poi li realizzerò, nel frattempo faccio la giornalista e la blogger.

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