A new perspective on space in the kitchen

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Neither a macro-system nor a mere object but rather a highly functional element, Unit offers a new perspective on space in the kitchen, reinvented with a view to total freedom of composition and unprecedented lightness thanks to the industrialization of the elements.

The design truly stands out as it is characterized by a lack of sharp edges, featuring decorative details that make it perfect for home environments.
In this era of global interconnection that sees us ever more as nomads seeking change, design is exploring new paths, aimed toward flexible but timeless, durable solutions of exceptional quality.

This is what drives Cesar to create totally original products, designed to supplement and enhance its previous collections. There is a focus on entertaining friends and family, which is an important part of life today in small urban environments as well as larger spaces where the kitchen flows perfectly into the living room. Inspiration comes from the industrial world. “We conceived Unit as a ‘bridge’ project – explain Cinzia Cumini and Vicente Garcia – capable of linking the raw aesthetic of work elements, brought by their essentially practical purpose, with more harmonious and elegant forms, better suited to home interiors.” What makes Unit stand out is the versatility in the various combinations (with a design that changes its look depending on the defined mood and finishes) and the references to a nostalgic aesthetic, which can be seen in soft structures, reclaimed materials, vintage finishes and a return to handles. Handles reclaim their rightful place in the kitchen thanks to two models designed by Garcìa Cumini: Shell, which reinterprets the classic “shell” handle from antique sideboards, and Eero, in which the width of the handle seems to disappear.

Created with the intention of offering structural adaptability, Unit offers various possible solutions with Compart cabinets, Shaker doors and Platform table (available also as a counter with Breakfast Bar). Playing with full and empty volume effects, Compart open units offer a fine balance between lightness and sturdiness. Integrated into the bases and long vertical units of the Unit structure, these units can be equipped with bottle racks and are available both in lacquer (silk, glossy and textured) and wood finish. Lacquer and wood finishes are also used for the Shaker door. This door has a 1 cm perimeter frame and is stylish and customisable thanks to the push-pull or handle opening solutions.

The Platform table is the perfect complement to Unit and is available in four sizes. Inspired by the helipads found on the top of some skyscrapers, Platform is characterized by its wood finish, bevelled edges and depth. Platform is supported on tapered solid wood legs resting on metal feet. The Breakfast Bar counter, in silk lacquer and wood finish, is fixed to the top of the structure, giving the impression of a floating surface and creating a feeling of solid lightness that distinguishes the UNIT project.

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